iLEAD’s Innovation Pipeline incorporates a phased approach across the laboratory value chain, helping innovators through the various stages of product development from “Concept & Design” (Phase 0) all the way through to “Clinical Validation for Launch readiness” (Phase 3).

Our phased approach has pass/fail criteria that serve as gates between the phases in the pipeline. Innovations entering the pipeline need to meet certain criteria to move through the gates into subsequent pipeline phases.

This approach serves two purposes. Firstly, many innovations can be assessed in Phase 0, with a reduced amount of expended effort. Secondly, innovations that enter the pipeline can be assessed for progress and either accelerated through the pipeline or exited, thus driving cost and time efficiencies and accelerating time to implement.

The fourth phase in the pipeline requires an external commercialization partner which iLEAD will help identify. As successful innovations exit phase 4 of the pipeline, they will be introduced to iLEAD’s network of linked implementing partners in South Africa and across the rest of Africa, thus driving successful pilots and impacting patients.